I have extensive experience in the technical and scientific aspects of oil exploration everywhere from the Arctic to the equator, having worked on gas pipelines from Texas to New Jersey, logging wells on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of California, Scotland, and the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. In Alaska, I have worked in the South Barrow Gas Fields, Kuparuk, Milne Point, Prudhoe Bay, Endicott, Beaufort Sea and in the Cook Inlet.

The North Slope will continue to produce oil for the foreseeable future as new fields are discovered, developed, and brought online. New technologies will play a large part in increased oil production. New energy alternatives will become viable economic choices as global demand drives oil prices higher. Alaska must ensure that the business climate for oil exploration remains friendly and welcoming.

This does not mean I propose or support giving away our oil. The oil companies view ACES as punitive. Oil companies, like all other businesses, want to pay zero tax.  What we truly need is a tax rate that is extremely fair to all parties. One that is based on common sense and one that is equitable. A progressive tax that is less aggressive than ACES would be a reasonable solution.

Alaska must plot its own course and exercise its right to self determination. More of Alaska should belong to Alaska and Alaskans, and not the Federal Government. We are a resource-based state and an island economy. We cannot depend on the oil fields to sustain us forever.

Alaska communities, particularly in rural areas, need solutions for less expensive energy. The high cost of energy is crippling Alaska communities, making it too expensive to grow new business and diminishing the opportunity to build a better life. Cheaper energy sources will provide that opportunity. We must develop plans for low-cost energy alternatives. We must develop a smart energy grid to tie together electricity brought in by those renewable energy projects and provide low cost electricity across Alaska. We must begin now to use our energy and royalties, more efficiently so that these projects can be in place within the next two decades.

We have to invest capital to get this done. Projects like these have high initial cost, but have long pay-outs. We are fortunate to have the natural resources that will yield funding to make these projects a reality – so long as we start now to plan for a more diversified and sustainable energy future.  

These projects will be a major priority during my tenure as your Representative. I will fight tooth and nail to get the funding Alaska needs. I will work hard to develop a national energy policy that plays to the strengths of Alaska and Alaska’s resources.

We must create a long term plan for the country when it comes to the reduction of energy consumption. In this country, we should be able to use solar power and wind power to achieve a goal of 30% to 40% or more renewable energy consumption by the year 2035.

The benefit of using less-polluting fossil fuels is evident today. As natural gas prices dropped due to a glut in the market, gas replaced coal in many electricity generating plants. This economic move to reduce cost had the additional benefit of reducing emissions and pollution.

Alaska should be the leader in developing electricity from tidal power. We should also develop geothermal energy and wind energy in areas of the state where it is economically feasible. We should look to countries like Iceland and see what technologies are available and applicable to geothermal energy generation.

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