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Alaska supports the military and its bases and so do I. They are an integral to our state's economy. With our close proximity to East Asia, Alaska is the prime location for bases and troops. History has taught us that when we have the majority of our military assets in one location, we are vulnerable. It is an imperative that multiple military bases remain open in our state for the foreseeable future.

Fostering a continued military presence in Alaska has other vital benefits. The military is one of the cornerstones of our economic foundation. We are the benefactor of the skills, talents, and training of many ex-servicemen and women who choose to remain in Alaska and are grateful for the leadership instilled during their time of service.

Our service men and women deserve to be treated with utmost respect. Our country can do a better job providing services to active duty personnel and to Veterans. Every 80 minutes in our country, a Veteran commits suicide. I will work to ensure that the VA develops more comprehensive mental health and rehabilitation programs. There is a shortage of polytrauma hospitals in the country, and this must change. I will assure that there is a path available for our service personnel to return to duty after recovery from a mental health issue.

Permanently disabled Veterans deserve the security of knowing that they will be taken care of and never forgotten. Unfortunately, many Veterans fall off the radar after suffering traumatic brain injuries, loss of limbs and PTSD. If these men and women were lost during wartime, we would send out a rescue team. We owe them nothing less. We must pledge to improve the quality and continuity of care for our Veterans. Just one Veteran not receiving full benefits and adequate care due to red tape and bureaucracy is one too many.

Both of my uncles and my father served in WWII. I value their service and the service of all of our Veterans. It will be a personal honor to serve our military men and women in the Alaska State Legislature as they have served us all so well.

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