I have worked on gas pipelines from Texas to New Jersey.  I have worked on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California and the North Sea.  Prior to working in the North Sea, I completed a required certification in oil equipment survival and firefighting.  Based in Norway, I worked on rigs in the North Sea, fully experiencing some of the toughest conditions rigs will undergo.  As an oil field service company employee, I worked across including including the Beaufort Sea, Prudhoe Bay, Kaparuk, Endicott, Milne Point and the South Barrow Gas Fields. Read More


Most importantly, we must put the needs of Alaskans first and develop a proactive economic plan that will provide new sources of value-added ... Read More


Throughout history women have suffered inequality. There is no question that women are equal to men. Women should be paid the same wages for the same work performed as their male counterparts. Women should earn the same benefits as men and have the same opportunities as men.  I will work to see that women continue to make strides toward greater equality. Read More


Alaska supports the military and its bases and so do I. They are an important part of our state’s economy. With our close proximity to East Asia, Alaska is the prime location for bases and troops. History has taught us that when we have the majority of our military assets in one location, we are vulnerable.  It is an imperative that multiple military bases remain open in our state for the foreseeable future. Read More


For 22 years, I have been involved in the management of medical practices in Alaska.  This experience has allowed me a unique insight into the realities of Medicare and the challenge of providing medical care in both urban and rural Alaska. Creating real-world, humane solutions to those problems will be a major focus of my tenure as your representative.  My experience in managing healthcare practices and understanding the dynamics that affect the relationships between hospitals, networks, providers and patients, allows me a unique advantage in working toward positive, productive changes. Read More


We need programs that get kids and parents more involved from the very beginning of a child's educational experience. We need to improve the graduation rates of high school students and lower dropout rates. Students need to be encouraged to understand that a high school diploma is the minimum requirement to enter the job market. Without it, fewer job options are available and the ability of a student to transition into an independent adult will be greatly reduced.  Read More



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Non Essential Federal Workers

Don Young's 10-17-13 KTVA remarks regarding Non Essential Federal Workers

Press Release 10-10-13

Today The Hill reported that the House of Representatives' gym remains open despite the government shutdown, although now Don Young has to wash his own towel.

Press Release 10/8/13

Today, Alaskas senators announced that they will either donate their pay to charity or suspend their pay while the Federal government is shutdown. Congressman Young plans to


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